Let's rein in breast cancer!

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A Message from our
President, CEO ...
and Trail Boss

In 2006, I was diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. It was not one of the finer years in my life ... and it has most certainly been a life-altering experience.

I don't want to be called a cancer survivor. It isn't accurate. You're a survivor if the war is over and you're still standing, but there's still no cure for breast cancer, so this war isn't over.  

There has to be a better word than "survivor". Cancer "victor"?

Thanks to the grace of God and some phenomenal medical personnel, I am still here. But if there is no cure (yet), then I'm not cured (yet), and that's not much of a victory, is it?  

I want to change that, so I'm calling myself a cancer "warrior"!  

I need a battle cry, because I want to yell it every morning when we set out on the trail.  

I feel like that old time cartoon character, Joe Btfsplk, in the Li'l Abner comic series. You know -- the little guy with the perpetual black cloud over his head.

When my shoulder hurt for a while, I ran to the doctor to be sure the cancer hadn't metastasized. A pain in my hip? Off I went again. That happens to many "survivors" ... because breast cancer can be so sly, and we've lost too many of our sisters to it. (Amongst those lost is my lovely stepdaughter.)

I loathe the little black cloud.

If they must face breast cancer, I want my daughters-in-law to be able to fight it, beat it and never know the cloud. I want a cure. And then, after that, I want a vaccine so that my granddaughters will never know the fear.

That is why I ride.  

Please join me. If you can't do that, please help another way. Sponsor a rider. Sponsor the ride in general. Volunteer. Do whatever you can to stop this dreadful disease.

Thanks for your time.

Happy trails.

Jane Hurl
President, CEO ... and Trail Boss

An unforgettable weekend.