This will be the most fun you'll have with your horse this year!

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We thought you might like to read some of the wonderful, insightful and inspiring things we are receiving via e-mail.  

This is a very emotional time in our family as our Aunty Brenda Kvale just passed away on July 6th and her funeral is July 12th.  I saw your Wild Pink Yonder ad and thought of Aunty Brenda as she is a horse lover and trail rider for years.
Kim V

So, I'm driving home last week and listening to my fave radio station, EZ Rock 104.9, and wouldn't you know the morning crew start discussing you and praising you and Rusty.
So, I call in and tell them I was your nurse, and of course,
that won me a few seconds on the air,
and told the world what a great experience last year was
and that we needed lots of volunteers and RIDERS
for the upcoming year.
Told them the website address and got the morning dj
to commit to helping out WPY as well!  Hee hee!
Teri P
(Glenrose Hospital plus Leduc to Josephburg)

I look forward to next year's ride.
I've told lots of people how good it was -- great cause --
 and I'm going back next year!
Hopefully for more than just the one day.
Carol T
(Rimbey to Winfield)

"Did we ever have a blast on the weekend!
It was everything we expected and more.
Just sent out a big blast looking for more sponsors
so perhaps I can ride a few more days.
PS ...My husband thinks I should plan on
a couple of weeks next year!

I thought it would be difficult to raise our $1,200
for our 3-day ride
but every penny of it came from donations!

I have printed out more pledge sheets,
but ran out of space on the one that we had with us! 
Didn't expect such a wonderful response!"
Linda H.

"I am a family physician in Fort Saskatchewan and breast cancer is the number one cancer diagnosis I make. 
I have lost many patients that I had bonded with to breast  cancer.  My office manager and best friend lost her mother to breast cancer ...
I believe it impacts all of us ...
Tell me what else I could do that would help."
Dr. Linda C

"I will ride for my aunt who is no longer with us
and my grandmother ..."

"We can't  wait to hoot 'n' holler as you enter town.
We just held a staff meeting this morning and are well under way with plans to pinkify ourselves.
Best of luck to you and we will be waiting!" 
Leanne C
Front Store Manager
Rimbey Value Drug Mart

I did enjoy the ride and wish that it never ended.
 I am jealous that I can't ride the whole time this year,
but there is always next.
Peggy S

Three unforgettable weekends.