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Let's ride breast cancer into the ground!

We're doing something different now.

No more Longrides.
Now it's a weekend instead.

Ride with us at
We'll camp at Entrance Ranch
and then ride
Willmore, Cadomin and the Athabasca River
Arrive June 14th in the evening,
ready to ride June 15 and 16 
(and 17 for the morning, if you like).

If you can't get away for that long,
come for just one day.

Our Sponsors
Now here's the scoop:

The cost per day: 
$50 in breast cancer research pledges for one horse-and-rider. Payment may be by your own personal cheque (in which case you get a tax receipt). However, most riders choose to raise pledges and find that it is not anywhere near as difficult as they thought it might be.

Registration is $50 
for each day of the weekend you choose to be with us.
This covers your camping fees and all your meals.

We provide everything but your sleeping quarters, fuel and feed for your horse.

Count on us for:  
- breakfast, lunch and dinner 
- breakfast and lunch only on Monday 
- a safe place to camp (sleep in anything you'd like - trailer, truck camper, tent ... back seat of your truck).

There are no wooden pens. If you don't have panels, we will have electric fencing that we'll put up for you. You can also use your trailer as a stall (or tie your horse on the outside of your trailer). Each morning, you'll have breakfast and we'll give you a packed lunch for on the trail. At the end of the day, dinner will be served back at the grounds.

If you don't have a trailer and want to come anyway, give us a call. We will see if we can find a trailer with an open stall for you. You'll have to bring a tent and you'll be expected to share the cost of fuel for the rig that is giving you a lift. 

Some riders want to go hard. They usually head out to Willmore or Cadomin. Other riders want a leisurely 2-4 hour gentle ride. They usually head out the back door at Entrance Ranch. There is a beautiful ridge ride high above the Athabasca River. It's breathtaking.

If you are between 12 and 18, you need a parent or guardian with you on the ride and you MUST wear a helmet. (If you're nice and co-operative, and if no one else can do it for you, Jane Hurl, our Trail Boss, will be your temporary guardian.)

Because of insurance liability issues, riders must be at least 12 years old to participate.
It's more than an adventure.
You'll be doing something great!

Through the pledges you raise, 
you'll support breast cancer research
happening right here in Alberta.

An Unforgettable Weekend!

Come ride with us!
You'll meet new friends, see great country,
have a lot of fun
and possibly win great prizes.

Unlike in previous years,
this year you absolutely MUST
register beforehand
so we know how many we are feeding.

Yes, you can bring a "horse valet"...
or the whole family ...
but each person must register
so we know how many we're feeding.
(Kids under 12 eat free.)